Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Expertise Combined With the Power of IBM Watson is Poised to Help Doctors Make Better Treatment Choices

VIDEO | 03:00

A team of physicians and analysts at Memorial Sloan Kettering has been “training” IBM Watson for more than a year to develop a tool that can help medical professionals choose the best treatment plans for individual cancer patients. The system is based on a vast amount of clinical data, research, and medical guidelines, as well as wisdom gleaned from decades of expertise in treating cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

“Just like we would teach a trainee in medical oncology or surgical oncology, we are teaching the Watson system,” says Mark Kris, Lead Physician for the Memorial Sloan Kettering-IBM Watson Collaboration. “It has access to research, it’s taught by Memorial Sloan Kettering specialists, and also taught by the experience of patients treated at specialty centers like ours.”