Research Labs

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Developmental Biology Program
The Bao Lab, MSK
Zhirong Bao, PhD
The Bao laboratory investigates how the genome dictates development using C. elegans as a model.
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
Researchers in the Berger laboratory
Michael F. Berger, PhD
Researcher Michael Berger focuses on massively parallel sequencing of tumor DNA for biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics.
Computational & Systems Biology Program
The John Chodera Lab
John Chodera, PhD
Computational chemist John Chodera uses statistical mechanics, molecular modeling, and automated biophysical experiments to help identify new potential therapeutics and investigate mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Benjamin Greenbaum, PhD
The Greenbaum lab utilizes techniques from statistical physics, information theory, and evolutionary biology to better understand the role of self/non-self discrimination in tumor evolution, model response to immunotherapies, and quantify drivers of virus and cancer evolution.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Luc Morris, MD, MSc, FACS
Luc Morris is a physician-scientist whose laboratory studies how tumor genetics influence the development of cancer, escape from immune surveillance, and immunotherapy outcomes in cancers of the head and neck and other sites.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
The Elli Papaemmanuil Lab
Elli Papaemmanuil, PhD
Molecular geneticist Elli Papaemmanuil performs systematic interrogations of well-annotated clinical trial cohorts in leukemia and cancer to explore how the compound genetic and clonal architecture in patients' leukemias and tumors dictate clinical phenotype, disease progression, and clinical outcomes.
Computational & Systems Biology Program
The Dana Pe'er Lab
Dana Pe'er, PhD
Computational Biologist Dana Pe’er combines single cell technologies, genomic datasets and machine learning techniques to address fundamental questions addressing regulatory cell circuits, cellular development, tumor immune eco-system, genotype to phenotype relations and precision medicine.
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
Nikolaus Schultz Lab
Nikolaus Schultz, PhD
Cancer biologist Nikolaus Schultz uses computational tools to study the diversity of genomic alterations underlying different cancer types.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Sohrab Shah Lab Group
Sohrab Shah, PhD
The Shah Lab studies cancer evolution and response to treatment through high density genomics coupled with advanced computational methods such as machine learning and Bayesian statistical models.