Research Labs

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Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
The Omar Abdel-Wahab Lab
Omar Abdel-Wahab, MD
Physician-scientist Omar Abdel-Wahab studies the functional genomics of hematopoietic malignancies.
Molecular Biology Program
David Allis, MD
Molecular biologist C. David Allis investigates the histone code and its impact on gene regulation and chromosome dynamics.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
The Antonescu Lab
Cristina R. Antonescu, MD
My sarcoma research laboratory is dedicated to the detection and molecular characterization of diagnostic and prognostic markers in soft tissue sarcomas. Our current research is focused on 4 areas: (1) KIT oncogenic signaling in the pathogenesis of GIST and mechanisms of drug resistance to targeted kinase inhibitor therapies; (2) oncogenic signaling in angiosarcoma, with the characterization of KDR (VEGFR2) activating mutations in breast angiosarcoma and MYC/FLT4 gene amplifications in radiation-associated angiosarcoma; (3) fusion gene discovery and fusion transcript characterization in diagnosis and prognosis of soft tissue tumors; and (4) establishing genetically engineered sarcoma models using CRISPR-cas9 methodology for investigating the step-wise pathogenesis of translocation-associated sarcomas and generate faithful preclinical models for in vitro drug testing.
Developmental Biology Program
The Bao Lab, MSK
Zhirong Bao, PhD
The Bao laboratory investigates how the genome dictates development using C. elegans as a model.
Developmental Biology Program
The Baylies Lab
Mary Baylies, PhD
The Baylies laboratory studies the mechanisms that form and maintain muscle both during normal development and in disease.
Cancer Biology & Genetics Program
Robert Benezra Lab Group
Robert Benezra, PhD
Cancer biologist Robert Benezra studies the molecular mechanisms of tumor growth and metastatic progression using mouse models. In addition, he studies the spindle assembly checkpoint which ensures proper chromosome segregation and is often deregulated in cancer.
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
Researchers in the Berger laboratory
Michael F. Berger, PhD
Researcher Michael Berger focuses on massively parallel sequencing of tumor DNA for biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics.
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
The Adrienne Boire Lab
Adrienne A. Boire, MD, PhD
Physician-scientist Adrienne Boire studies metastasis to the central nervous system.
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
Chandarlapaty Lab
Sarat Chandarlapaty, MD, PhD
Physician-scientist Sarat Chandarlapaty studies the regulation of growth factor signaling networks in cancer.
Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
The Chen Lab
Yu Chen, MD, PhD
Physician-scientist Yu Chen studies the role of transcription factors that are critical for prostate cancer development.